Generating Similar Artists on Your Spotify Page

Having Spotify generate a list of similar artists for you is a great checkpoint that ensures the algorithm is beginning to understand WHO is in your fan base. The algorithm tends to begin populating this field once you have earned 75K-125Ktotal streams.

How Does It Work?

You want the Spotify algorithm to be the engine that drives your music business. Why? Not only is their data better than yours, in terms of finding fans for your audience, but once the algorithm grabs hold of you the growth is FREE.

Most musicians know this, but few actually think of HOW the algorithm works and how they can impact it in their favor. The first checkpoint to see that the algorithm is beginning to take notice of your music is when it begins to place you in algorithmic playlists like Release Radar, Discover Weekly, or Daily Mix – this is a great sign that shows you have enough of a buzz for Spotify to begin testing the market a bit more for you.

The Spotify algorithm wants to see if their listeners may like your music so that they can have a value add to the listener by helping them find music they like. The second, and more important, checkpoint is once the algorithm is able to determine who your similar artists are.

It will begin populating this field by 1 or 2 artists/groups at a time once it is able to determine that X% of your fans seem to also like artists 1, 2, and 3. This is a GREAT sign.

Even if the similar artists don’t seem to be all that similar to you at first, don’t worry, it will refine itself and become more accurate over time. The big win is that it’s populating this field with anything in the first place.

Photo Credit: Ethan Kelley @etk97

We Can Help

Our Spotify Outreach Program guarantees exposure to organic audiences and the data generated by these audiences will help artists play this game against the Spotify algorithm. 

Submit your song today and let’s see what we can do together!

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