Independent Artist Spotlight: 100m Pretty

Independent Artist Spotlight: 100M Pretty

100M Pretty is a blossoming star with over 1,500 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 1,000 YouTube subscribers. Currently, he’s focused on growing his following and promoting his music video for his song ‘Ruins’. The video has been out for six months and it rightfully has been buzzing with over 26,000 views in that time. No small feat for an artist doing it the independent way.

Independent Artist Spotlight: 100m Pretty

On the whole, 100m Pretty is a well-polished artist, a mix of being very talented creatively and crafting a sound and style that is distinctly all his own. The stats don’t lie here, people love his music, and it doesn’t take long to figure out why when you turn on his songs or watch the video for ‘Ruins’.

We will dive into the music and the video more here today, but first, we caught up with the flourishing emcee to learn a little bit more about him, his music career, and what’s in his plans for the future. We did also chat with him about ‘Ruins’ specifically, but let’s start at the beginning and work our way from there.

The beginning of this story was learning about what influenced him from a musical standpoint and moved him to make music. We asked him about his major influences, and here is what he had to tell us.

“I don’t really get influenced by musicians. I learn from very smart business men who understand groundwork, hiring a team, and how to make sales. IE Grant Cardone.”

When we talk to artists we usually see one of two things; either they have very strong musical influences or that they really are completely self-inspired on the musical front. For 100m it’s clear that he’s more the latter. The additional understanding and interest on the business side is something that will serve him and his career well.

Across the board, 100m does a fantastic job of balancing his professionalism and artistry at the same time, not a very easy task. This leads to a high-quality sound that wins fans over in droves. And now, that brings us to the music.

Independent Artist Spotlight: 100m Pretty


‘Ruins’ is dark, edgy, and in-your-face hip hop track with a video that matches its energy and feel. The song is an anthem for the go-getters and entrepreneurs who are looking to carve out their piece of the pie and want to do it their own way. We asked him what the track was about and here is what he told us.

“‘Ruins’ was originally intended to embark into my fantasy, for example feeling lost, counted out. No one to trust, being all alone.”

The song certainly does have a ‘me against the world’ feel to it. As we noted, the video packs that same punch and attitude that you get from the track. We asked 100m about the concept of the video.

“Beauty in the struggle, Ugliness is success.”

You can see that beauty in the struggle with the video right here.

With a solid foundation built, an unrelenting work ethic, and a growing following, the sky is the limit for 100m Pretty. The rightful next question for us was now, what are his goals in the music industry?

“To make singers and rappers more transparent on how to grow a music business. Break the barrier of education and entertainment.”

It’s evident that he has lofty goals for himself and the industry and he has the vision to execute on those. He has a great music catalog and ‘Ruins’ is the type of song that you can throw on Monday morning as you get ready to go warrior mode for the week.

Great music, elite production, and a vision to be a mogul in the industry. For us, there isn’t a valid reason for you to not have him on your watch list but we asked him to put it in his own words why you should check out his music and ‘Ruins”. Here is what he had to say.

“Prettyland Fantasy is a mindset. It means no matter your background, through persistence, self development and commitment you can overcome any obstacle to help one community, family and close friends.”

It’s clear that 100m Pretty is a visionary who intends to make his mark on the game and follow his path through it. From everything he has put together to this point, he’s certainly well on his way. If ‘Ruins’ hit you in the right spot, then we suggest you follow along with the links below and keep your eyes and ears open for what’s next for him.




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