Independent Artist Spotlight: Federal The General

Independent Artist Spotlight: Federal Da General

Federal Da General is an emerging global independent artist who has a brand new single and album out. While there are many things that stand out about him as an artist, his commitment to honing his craft and being intimate with his music is chief among them. He describes his work ethic with three adjectives, extremely focused, dedicated, and serious. From what we’ve seen, we agree.

Independent Artist Spotlight: Federal Da General

With a fascinating story to tell and some new releases out, we thought it was a good time to reach out to the emerging rap artist to find out more. We had a conversation with Federal Da General to find out the story behind the artist and we checked out the new album “Ashy 2 Classy” to find out why you should have him on your Independent Artist list.

Federal Da General’s Story

Born in the Congo DRC, and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Federal has focused on growing his audience in Africa and Europe with his sights now set to the rest of the globe. As an artist, he found himself inspired by some big names in music at an early age. The few he called out specifically were, Biggie, 50 Cent, Tupac, and Mobb Deep.

This early inspiration is where his artistry was born out of. We asked him about how he got his start in music and here is what he had to say.

“As a kid, I always been a fan of hip-hop music. For me, it’s the rhyming  and wordplay. The first time I heard Juicy by Biggie I went insane. I was impressed with his delivery, flow, rhyme, and wordplay. As I grow older I tapped into hip-hop myself. At this point, it had become like therapy for me.”

Like so many artists we talk to, music is more than just a song, it’s the feeling that music gives you. It’s a spiritual experience. Federal brings that energy in his approach as a musician and it shows in his music. This care and attitude towards his craft are what makes his music stand out to us, but we asked him what makes him stand out in his opinion.

“First and foremost, I write my own music. I don’t need a ghostwriter or co-writer. My vocal tone, flow, and wordplay are distinctive. I’m more of an artist than a rapper, I’m versatile.”

Independent Artist Spotlight: Federal Da General

This originality and creativity really shine through in his music, and they are both evident in his new single, ‘On My Name’. Let’s take a look at this single and the new album dropped this past month.

‘On My Name’

This song is the lead single off of ‘Ashy 2 Classy’ and is a personal narrative about relationships in Federal’s life. The track kick’s off with a menacing melody laced over a trap-style beat. Borrowing a tactic from the likes of Eminem and 50 Cent, Federal goes on a lyrical assault of the doubters and neigh sayers that so many people and artists face.

We asked Federal about the meaning behind this track, and here is what he told us.

“On my name is based on my personal issues with certain people. In the song, I’m addressing the problems. Letting them know, it doesn’t matter how much they want to hate me, envy me or want to sabotage me. At the end of the day, I will still be, “the man” because I’m destined to be one. “

That self-belief and defiant attitude have served many artists well before and on this song, it does the same for him. Check out the video for the song below.

‘Ashy 2 Classy’

The brand new album is a 20 track release that puts the rapper’s skills at center stage. The songs range from edgy, to aggressive, to laid back and allow Federal Da General to highlight his flow and lyricism. There is a retro feel to the album with some new school flair and a sound that is uniquely his own.

Independent Artist Spotlight: Federal Da General

With the variety on this album, there are songs for almost every type of rap fan. For those looking for that edgier sound, you have songs like, ‘On My Name’ and ‘Big Dog’. If you’re looking for more of a party vibe then you have a stand-out track like ‘M.L.Y.L.T’. For the more laid-back fans, songs like ‘Hey Haters’ and ‘How You Feel’ may hit your sweet spot a bit more. The point here is that there is something for music fans of all types and the album is entertaining from start to finish.

What we know right now is that the summer of 2021 has the opportunity to be a launching pad for the career of Federal Da General. With a wide appealing new single out and a new album, momentum is on his side. Most artists have big goals for the future so we asked Federal about his and here is what he has his sights on.

“My music career is looking bright as long as I keep putting in work and continuously marketing and promoting my music in a professional way. As for now, I can say my fanbase is in Africa and Europe.”

Logically, next for him is to expand his audience into new markets and around the globe. With a high-quality album like ‘Ashy 2 Classy,’ there is a real chance for him to do that over the next calendar year.

At this point, the future looks bright for Federal Da General, and we suggest that you officially put him on your radar. Check out the links below and follow him to stay up to date.







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