Independent Artist Spotlight: Kenny Sharp

Independent Artist Spotlight: Kenny Sharp

Kenny Sharp is a rising star in the world of music who works to bring listeners joy through the stories he tells with each and every one of his songs. He describes himself as being born into music and thanks to his parents, his education in the art was thorough. His sound now is as versatile as his well-rounded musical experiences.

Today, Kenny is finding new levels of success as he continues to pursue his dream. He has a big new song out that even found its way onto an extremely popular show, but we’ll get to that more in a little bit. First, we took some time to learn more about the man behind the artistry and we’re bringing that story to you. Then, we will touch on his music, the concept behind his big new single titled ‘Fall in Love’, and what his goals are for the future.

Okay, let’s dive on in.

Independent Artist Spotlight: Kenny Sharp

A good place to start is probably on the idea of what his sound is. Kenny describes his sound as ‘Brown Liquor Music’. The origin of this concept is a charming story that he shared with us.

“One day a neighbor overheard my father playing Otis Redding and yelled in a deep southern drawl, “Turn that up Ken, that’s Brown Liquor Music there!”. I laughed and immediately realized that term encapsulated all the music I love and love to make.

With our Brown Liquor Music we believe in storytelling, authenticity, and rebellion in pursuit of passion.

The music is generally simple and organic with raw impassioned vocals.”

With a description like that, you can already hear the music in your head before you even hit play on one of his tracks. On how he got started in music in the first place, here is what Kenny had to say.

“I was born into a musical family.  His mom was a music major who taught him piano and his father liked to DJ on the side.  I started rapping and making beats at 12 years old before eventually switching to singing and songwriting after college.”

As we noted above, Kenny has an impressive and well-rounded musical background and that is evident here. Furthering that point, when we asked him about his major musical influences, he cited just two. Amy Winehouse and Andree 3000. When you think of these two you think of creative, song-writing, and diversely talented. That’s the exact thing that comes to mind when you listen to Kenny’s newest single, ‘Fall in Love’.

Independent Artist Spotlight: Kenny Sharp

‘Fall in Love’ is catchy, upbeat, and a really uplifting love song. The melody is beautiful and Kenny’s voice is incredible on it, it’s a song you won’t want to miss. On the concept of the song, here is what Kenny said.

“It’s an upbeat song about breaking the barriers that people present after they have been injured by love.”

This story is relatable and one that most of us have experienced, on one side or the other. Kenny gives us a fresh take on this with a song that will have you smiling and bobbing your head along to it. The song is already building buzz with nearly 10,000 streams on Spotify and It was featured in Season 18 Episode 4 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ this year. Those are no small feats for an independent artist and are a sign of things to come.

Independent Artist Spotlight: Kenny Sharp

Kenny has been building towards this moment his entire life. He comes from a musical background and his hard work is paying off. With over 5,300 average monthly listeners on Spotify and a hit new single, it appears that there are big things on the horizon. We asked him about his goals in the music industry and here is what he had to say.

“Brown Liquor Music stands for good times with great storytelling and it is our goal to spread our Brown Liquor Music to the world through live touring and great content.”

We love this simple but impactful goal and we think he is clearly well on his way.

To this point, we’ve made our case for why you should check out ‘Fall in Love’ and Kenny Sharp in general, but we asked him to put in his own words why he should be on your radar.

“They should check out this song because it’s light and upbeat musically with clever wordplay and relatable storylines.  I’m definitely worth checking out as an emerging artist who is taking familiar elements of the past and creating a new sound.  Drawing elements from Soul, Folk, R&B, and Pop there is a little bit of everything for lovers of all music.”

We couldn’t agree more, when it comes to Kenny Sharp’s music, there is something for everyone.

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