Independent Artist Spotlight: Mario Canon

Independent Artist Spotlight: Mario Canon

Mario Canon is a diversified entertainer and musical artist that hails from the city of Springfield, Illinois. With a Spotify following of over 2,500 monthly listeners to date, the future is bright for this talented emcee. Like many great artists, his story has some hardship in it but that has served as an inspiration to help him chase his dreams.

Independent Artist Spotlight: Mario Canon

For Mario, that hardship came in the form of losing two of his closest siblings to gun violence when he was younger. While we can only imagine what that pain feels like, he found a way to turn to channel that turmoil into music and fitness and find success in doing so. To this point, he’s used that fuel to really build a following for himself and he continues to deliver to those fans.

As we mentioned above, he’s grown himself a nice following on Spotify, but additionally, on YouTube, he has surpassed over 600,000 views collectively on his videos. The point being here, Mario Canon has built a legit music career and his following has been more than established and it continues to grow.

Independent Artist Spotlight: Mario Canon

For our purposes today, we took a look at his music catalog and we are sharing a few of our favorite tracks and videos to check out. We’ll kick it off with a video that has tallied over 250,000 views itself.

“Play to Win” Ft. Twista

The video for “Play to Win” is a whole vibe and the song is an uplifting and inspiring experience to listen to. The beat sounds like it’s straight out of the archives of Young Money from a decade ago, and we mean that with all love. Mario delivers with a multitude of flows, vocal tones, and hits you with a captivating hook.

As he sings to you in the chorus, he plays to win, and this song is proof of that.

For those interested in behind-the-scenes content, check this out:

“Wassup Mario”

“Wassup Mario” is another banger of a song and another one that has really resonated with his fanbase as it currently has over 100,000 views. This song brings an aggressive and edgy sound and attitude to it. The beat thumps hard but it’s wonderfully simple allowing Mario’s lyricism to be on center stage.

He again displays versatility in the way he bobs and weaves over the beat while pulling back the curtain with some refreshingly honest lyrics. These two songs highlight what a professional artist he is and how talented he is as a songwriter. As the heart of every good artist is talent and creativity, and he has both in droves.

You can check out the video for “Wassup Mario” here:

What’s Next for Mario

As far as independent artists go, you will be hard-pressed to find one that has earned more respect than Mario Canon. His songs and videos are high-quality productions and as we mentioned before, he’s a talented lyricist and craftsman when it comes to writing songs. That combination will serve him well as he looks to make that next big leap in his career.

Independent Artist Spotlight: Mario Canon

The simple fact is, it seems evident that Mario was born to do music and he is on the fast track to the top. If his music and his following are evidence of anything, it’s certainly that. As he put it best, he plays to win, and from everything that we can see, he’s winning early and often.

If you want to check out more from Mario Canon and support an up-and-coming independent artist, then check out and follow him on the platforms below.





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