Independent Artist Spotlight: Noah Campbell

Independent Artist Spotlight: Noah Campbell

Noah Campbell has been involved in music in one way or another since he was a kid. Earlier this month, he dropped his newest EP titled ‘Nothing to Lose’, and it’s already racking up streams. Noah and his right-hand man, producer Opendoors, idolize artists that look to push the envelope and that’s what they are doing with this new release.

Independent Artist Spotlight: Noah Campbell

Being that it’s a busy time and an important one in his career, we decided to catch up with Noah to learn more about who he is and what his music is all about. We got the story from the man himself and took the time to check out ‘Nothing to Lose’ so we could share both with you. We’ll get back to the EP in a few, but let’s start with the back story of him as an artist.

As we mentioned earlier, Noah told us about the type of boundary-pushing artists that really move him. When we asked about his major musical influences, here is what he told us in full.

“Me and my Producer Opendoors (he is like my 40 to Drake and produced my whole project) influences are Drake, Bryson Tiller, and Frank Ocean. These three artists have had the most impact on us because they make great and timeless music, as well they all have pushed the envelope in their careers at one point or another which is something we aim to do. Also, they all sing/rap and play this card to their advantage and I have been singing since age five and I have picked up rap over the past few years. We feel as if they are the best and we aspire to be in the same conversation as them one day.”

Standing out and looking to be talked about with some greats in the game are lofty goals, but we love the mindset. In this quest, the brand new EP ‘Nothing to Lose’ will play a key role. We have some thoughts ourselves about the release, but first, we had some questions. Let’s get into it.

Independent Artist Spotlight: Noah Campbell

‘Nothing to Lose’

‘Nothing to Lose’ is an eight-track EP that kicks off with an intro and ends with an outro. Before we jump into our thoughts, we asked Noah a few questions including what the concept for the album was.

“The concept for the EP was a double meaning. The first meaning is I have nothing to lose, so I might as well shoot for my goals and dreams. I have loved music since I was a kid, and it has been the only thing I’ve actually wanted to do in life. but I would always hesitate to follow that passion out of the fear of failure and the fact that I came from a low-income family and didn’t want to put out anything that was average. I wanted to make a statement with my first project, not just be on some SoundCloud music (which I feel I have now). And these were all excuses of mine, Until I was in college as a freshman and hated the way I saw my life playing out, like getting out of school and working some 9-5 job, knowing that I could’ve tried for my dreams. That’s when I decided, nope that won’t be me I’m going to dive into this and give it everything it takes and if it’s not this project it will be the next one or the one after that, because this is my love and passion and I want to do this until I die. 

The second meaning of this project was to show my life and how love for a girl and your passion can often interfere with one another or coexist. It’s hard to juggle both and either you will half ass your dreams or the relationship, and for me I will pick my passion and craft every time. This project really outlines the timeline of that happening from the intro to the outro, it’s a story of how I`m choosing myself and my dreams over the love of my life. From songs like ‘Preconceptions’, where I talk about how people will continue to doubt me, but I don’t need anyone options other than my own. To ‘Sober’, where I feel the pain of a breakup and cover it with alcohol just to realize that I don’t need a relationship distracting me from my visions in the first place. To “Chances’, a song about me regretting and wishing I could have both my passion and the love of my life in my life. I feel this is a huge topic many can also relate to regardless of your field of choice.”

Both of these ideas speak to his passion for life, music, and everything in between. Both of these are extremely relatable which always makes the music hit on a deeper level. We also asked Noah what his favorite song on the album was.

“My favorite songs on this project are ‘Sober’, because it’s kind of a lit song but also it has many other elements to it. The other is ‘Motown Interlude’ which is a little out of left field and is something people don’t expect.”

For our two cents, we love the way this album comes in on the ‘Intro’ track. The song is smooth, the message is defiant, and the track is a real tone-setter. ‘Located’ is a cool, laid-back track, that will get your head bobbing as it moves through. We agree with Noah that ‘Sober’ is a stand-out track that showcases his storytelling and rapping abilities. ‘Just Started (Outro)’ serves as a fitting and perfect nightcap on this release.

Independent Artist Spotlight: Noah Campbell

But in all honesty, there isn’t a weak song on this album. On why you should check the album out, here is what Noah had to say.

“I think people should check me and this EP out because this is only the start, and I will continue to get better. So, join the journey early, and watch what patience and consistency can do. I feel this music can relate to many trying to chase their dreams and inspire them to be great as well.”

We love this message, and we too hope, that it serves as inspiration for those who hear it. As Noah stated, this is still early in the journey for him. We asked him what his music goals were and here was his response.

“My overall goal as a musician is to go down in history as one of the greatest artists of all time. Also, I want to give Florida a new sound other than Florida rap like Kodak Black. I want Florida to have an RnB sound as well. I want to be the rep for Orlando, and Florida like Drake is for Toronto and Canada. I want to really put Orlando on the map because no one is really repping it even the people that came from Orlando don’t give it the credit or publicly display that they’re from here.”

He’s clearly got big goals and he’s on his way with this new EP. Check out Noah Campbell with the links below and follow along for the journey.







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