Independent Artist Spotlight: OvaDos

Independent Artist Spotlight: OvaDos

OvaDos is a growing star in the independent music scene who has a brand new EP that just dropped this month. With the three-song release titled ‘TIMES UP’, listeners get to enjoy an upbeat sound that will have them vibing through the summer. With that said, there is far more to the young artist’s story than just this new release, and we set out to get that story for you.

OvaDos is a musician through and through with the straightforward goals of making it in this industry and becoming self-sufficient as an artist. On that goal, here is what OvaDos had to say.

“My ideal situation would be making enough income that is so steady that I can move and get my own place and make my own studio to help upcoming artists.”

Independent Artist Spotlight: OvaDos

With the new release of “TIMES UP”, we believe OvaDos is well on the way to achieving this. Before diving more into our conversation, we took some time to check out the EP, and here are our thoughts.


‘PULL UP’ is a cool, laid-back track, that brings a confident and smooth vibe to it. OvaDos seamlessly transitions in and out of different paces and flows while spitting game the whole time. The beat flows nicely and drives the track along. There’s an evocative feel to the whole track that brings you back to the earlier part of this century.

Our big takeaway from this song was not just that OvaDos is clearly a talented artist, but is one that also has that coveted ‘it factor’. This song showcases musical talent, but it’s also easy to imagine hearing it at parties or out in a nightlife setting.


If ‘PULL UP’ is a high-quality song with commercial single qualities, then ‘STILL’ is a hip-hop track that emphasizes OvaDos’ abilities as a lyricist. The bars are clever, hard hitting, and they come fast and furious. The beat is edgy, moody, and centered around and old school kick beat with a classic East Coast piano melody.

Much like ‘PULL UP’, OvaDos ties the verses together expertly with an exemplary hook that shows you the talent as a songwriter and as an emcee.

Independent Artist Spotlight: OvaDos


Last up on the EP, is a track titled ‘TOOL’. This third song gives us a third style. This song is again impressive lyrically, and the production quality is on point. The star factor is again apparent as the song, like the others, is emblematic of a talented artist that knows that they’re good. In the hook of this two-minute lyrical assault, OvaDos proclaims “I’m not cocky I’m confident”. That line aptly describes this entire EP and why we are fans of it.

The ‘TIMES UP’ EP should certainly be on your playlist, but there is far more to OvaDos’ story and why this music should be on your independent artist watch list. Before we move too far into that, well leave you with the words from OvaDos on what you can expect out of this EP.

“The listeners can expect three upbeat songs that are ready for the summer and ready for the clubs.”

One of the most likable aspects of OvaDos’ music, on the whole, is the independent, self-made approach. Like many music greats, OvaDos likes to be involved with the music at all levels, from production to writing, to performing. Here is what OvaDos told us about this and influences overall.

“My main and biggest influence in general is Russ. He produces, mixes, masters, and records everything alone a majority of the time so I do the same. This EP is by me and me only”

That level of artistry and intimacy is evident throughout the EP. Also clear on this release is the diversified interests and influences behind it. In fact, OvaDos got into music in the first place in large part due to varied tastes and interests.

“What got me started making music on an actual DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) was the Boys and Girls Club in San Pedro. Before that, I was so deep into J Cole, Eminem, and Jill Scott. I wanted to combine those sounds and make some hard but also jazz type of music but I didn’t have the tools for that. So, I used to always beat on the desks and make beats in class for my friends and I would freestyle over that. Then I found out about the Boys and Girls club studio and learned how to use FL Studio and Protools FAST because I wanted to jump into the music asap.”

Independent Artist Spotlight: OvaDos

One of our favorite things about getting to explore OvaDos’ music catalog is how much of a different experience each song is for listeners. While we understand that the new EP is understandably front of mind, we asked what song out of all the releases to date was the best representation of Ova’s sound as a whole.

“The song that best represents my sound is ‘Solo’. I find myself doing a lot of melodic songs with a hard bass I just never put them out because I don’t want to stick to one sound but eventually, I will I just want to build my audience first and see which sounds blows first.”

Even in the four songs we’ve highlighted in this article, you get a taste of assorted sounds that provide something for everyone. If we had to describe OvaDos as an artist, we would simply say this is an artist that produces high-quality, talented music. The music is truly for everyone, and OvaDos exemplifies what it means to be an artist.

We asked OvaDos why listeners should check out the EP and the music in general and here was the response.

“Listeners should check out my music because I have so many different sounds and stories that almost anyone can find a song that they like and might relate too. I’m also such a down to earth person so if anyone hits me up on Instagram I’m always going to respond and show love and answer any questions and help if someone has no one else to go to! I said it in my song Here For You.”

High-quality music, here for the community, and all around exceptional person, what more could you ask for in an artist? Make sure to like, follow, and engage with OvaDos with the links below.




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