Kendrick Lamar Rumored to be Working on New Music Video

It’s been three years since Kendrick Lamar’s fourth studio album, “Damn”, but it looks like the wait for fans may be soon ending.

The internet has been abuzz since Lamar was spotted earlier this week in what looks to be a new music video.

Kendrick Lamar Spotted Filming In & Around LA

Videos have been making their way around the music community showing Lamar in downtown Los Angeles and others showing him in an all-white outfit suspended by a crane over the ocean in front of a West Coast sunset.

Lamar has been quiet since his last release until recently, and the increasing activity has his fans and the hip-hop community flowing with excitement. The 13-time Grammy winner’s last release, “Damn” accumulated over 340 million streams. With that track record of success and a loyal fan base, it’s no wonder that these few images have a lot of people talking.

Keep Up To Date on Kendrick Lamar as Details Become Available

While there is no official word on a new album, video, or any associated release dates, it’s certainly great to see one of the best artists back out there showing signs of new releases on the way. As updates become available, you can assume that there will be updates on the Kendrick Lamar’s website. We will also keep you updated here as details and news become available on this.

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