This Week in Music: The National Museum of African American Music, Olivia Rodrigo, Juice Wrld, AFI, & More

Welcome into the first 2021 edition of “This Week in Music”, as we take you around the world of music and catch you up on all of the happenings. This week we are talking about the National Museum of African American Music’s opening, Juice Wrld’s final video, new music from rock outfit, AFI, and more.

Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license” Takes the World by Storm

The 17 year old Disney star has the number one song in the world. Whether you’re on streaming platforms, driving around listening to the radio, or just on TikTok, you can’t escape this song right now, it’s everywhere.

The song is a classis teenage heartbreak that plays on the nostalgia of small town joy riding and coping with teenage relationships. The hit song had over 76.1 million streams in the first month and is the number one song both in the US & Globally. While the celebrity status of Rodrigo, we will once again point how a TikTok trend can blow up a song.

Check out the video for “drivers license” here.

The National Museum of African American Music’s Opening

Nearly 20 years in the making, The National Museum of African American Music is finally a reality and will officially be open to the public at the end of this month. Located in Music City Nashville, visitors can find this tour through history just around the corner from the City’s famed Broadway.

In an article on The National Museum of African American Music’s opening, the Nashville Business Journal had this to say about it’s uniqueness.

“One of the anchor tenants of the sprawling Fifth + Broadway development, the 56,000-square-foot museum is being billed as the only museum in the world dedicated to preserving and celebrating more than 50 music genres and styles that were created, influenced or inspired by African Americans, including spirituals, blues, jazz, gospel, R&B and hip hop.

With more than 1,500 artifacts, objects, memorabilia and clothing, along with state-of-the-art technology, each of the museum’s seven galleries is designed to share a different narrative and a unique perspective on African American music and history, according to a news release.”

Nashville Business Journal

Check out the NMAAM Website for more information and plan your trip.


Juice WRLD’s Final Music Video Drops

In a bitter sweet bit of news, deceased rapper Juice WRLD’s final music video “Bad Boy ft. Young Thug”, has dropped. In just a little over a year since his tragic passing he gave us one of the best albums of 2020 posthumously and has now dropped another incredible video.

While we celebrate his music and life, the sad reality is that with each release we get closer to the day where we’ll never have something new from him again. Putting that somber thought aside, the song is another hit and the video provides us with a final chance to see Juice in his element doing what he loves.

While the day will come where the bank of Juice WRLD song’s dries up, Hot New Hip Hop catalogs why that day may not be for a while.

Here is the video:

President Trump Pardon’s a Few Major Names in Hip Hop

President Trump was busy in the final hours of his administration pardoning many including a few major names in the world of Hip Hop.

Michael ‘Harry O’ Harris Pardoned

On Tuesday night, rumors started to cycle that Snoop Dogg was speaking with President Trump looking to have Death Row Records Co-Founder Michael ‘Harry O’ Harris pardoned. It wasn’t long after, that we received word that his attempted murder and cocaine trafficking prison sentence was being commuted. The New York Post has more information on the story.

Kodak Black Pardoned

Kodak Black who was in prison for a 2019 incident centered around purchasing a firearm. Multiple members of the Hip Hop community vouched for him as did NFL star Lamar Jackson. Between this and his philanthropic efforts and reputation are the expected reasons for the pardon.

Lil Wayne Pardoned

The last big name that is relevant to us, Lil Wayne also made the list of those pardoned this week. Stemming from a 2019 weapons charge, Wayne was facing a prison sentence of up to 10 years. He also had some support and he recently met with President Trump to work on prison reform which may have helped his case.

Rock Outfit AFI Releases Two New Songs Ahead of 11th Studio Album

The Bay Area based post-punk group AFI, released two new songs on Friday for the first time in over two years and over four years since their last full studio album.

The two songs, “Twisted Tongues” and “Escape From Los Angeles” were released on Spotify on Friday. “Twisted Tongues” is a quintessential AFI song while “Escape From Los Angeles” is a bit more of a new sounding, digital-era, track from the band.

The details on the rest of the album have not yet been confirmed, but guitarist Jade Puget said on Instagram the other day that the band had been spending quarantine writing and recording.

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