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Unkle Flava
Unkle Flava

AMGM (All Money Good Money LLC) is a Southern Cali label that has been on their grind since 2013. The saying goes, hard work pays off, and this talented group of West Coast artists is proof of that.

With a new compilation out, we took some time to catch up with the group and learn more about them and what they have next on the docket.

The label consists of three rappers, Cali Boy Eazy, Ray Rogerss, and Unkle Flava. To say that AMGM is a family affair right now is an understatement as these three are all first and second cousins, and that closeness is evident in their coordinated vision to make a mark on the music industry.

Cali Boy Eazy Picture
Cali Boy Eazy

Just last month, the AMGM family dropped a mixtape titled “How the West Won Vol. 1” with the help of artists, Resse Money, Bnby Boy, Parcstar LP, Pints, & Yung Game. The 18 track compilation gives listeners nearly an hour of must-hear music.

While we certainly recommend that you give the whole album a listen, here are a few standout tracks from us.

“Dream Team”

The opening song on an album is a tone setter. Before we put a new album on, we all wonder what we’re about to get. In the case of “Dream Team”, there is no confusion. This hits hard from the first bar to the last.

The beat is upbeat and full of attitude at the same time. The four artists on the track, Ray Rogerss, Bnby Boy, Unkle Flava, and Parcstar LP, all bring a different sound and flow while piecing all of it together perfectly. We were hooked on this compilation instantly with this incredible opener.


Versatility is a vital quality for artists. For all of the hype and intensity of “Dream Team”, addicted brings us a soulful West Coast jam. This track is brought to you by Ray Rogerss and here’s how he described this song:

“Melodic & will touch your soul”

Ray Rogerss
Ray Rogerss

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. We’ll just say, we loved this song, and it was giving us major early 90’s West Coast Rap vibes and we’ve dropped the video for you to check out below.

“Ain’t Shit”

This song brings back the edge and it bangs. Cali Boy Eazy and Unkle Flava bring their A-game on this party anthem laced over a hypnotic beat. Highlighted by some creative wordplay and flow versatility this song is one to play loudly with the windows down.

The visuals for this one are equally incredible and we can’t help but love the throwback Bibby jersey here.

“Pressure Point”

Pressure Point is another song that brings you a whole different sound and vibe. This one is an ode to old school West Coast gangster rap, evident by the first word of the song being “Murder” echoed across a haunting beat.

This track is Cali Boy Eazy showcasing his lyricism and ability as a story teller. The story consists of tales about friends, cops, and enemies and is all told through a first-person narrative experience.

The authentic story and angst in this song are missing elements from a lot of the mainstream music right now. Check out the video here.

“It’s That Season”

This track is an absolute So-Cal banger. The bass is deep and bumps hard along with the percussion elements, it’s impossible to not nod your head along or to start dancing, and the lyrics are straightforward and right in your face.

“It’s That Season” stars Ray Rogerss, Unkle Flava, and Bnby Boy and is another big selling point to this compilation. Throw this on and try not to bop to it, we dare you.

Standing Out as a Group

One of the biggest challenges for artists in the digital age is finding a way to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Quality music and style versatility are always good places to start, and AMGM deliver on that front.

In our conversation with them, we asked what made “How the West Won Vol. 1” stand out.

“It’s the different styles that the artists bring on the compilation, it has something for every hip-hop fan to love! From the uptempo party anthems like, “Ain’t Shit”, “It’s That Season”, and “Dream Team”, to the street anthems like “March 3rd”, “Stay Down”, “No Stylist” and “Either Way”. I mean you can literally listen to the whole album without skipping any songs. We don’t sound like anyone out west, or in the county for that matter.”

They hit the mark here. It’s impossible to not love the uniqueness, versatility, and blending of generational sounds on this album.

What’s Next for AMGM?

Here at De Novo Agency, we are always looking to find out what is next for the artists we talk to. We asked the guys what was next for AMGM and here is what they clued us into.

We got a couple more videos to shoot to support this album and the gang is in the studio recording. We’ll be dropping a Deluxe Version to this album with 10 new bangers on Memorial Day weekend. At that point, we hope the vaccine for COVID-19 has been circulated enough so we can hit the road and strategically perform taking the West Coast first then showing the rest of the world “How The West Won”. Tupac once said: “Our shit goes 3, 4, 5 times platinum,” referring to the West Coast and when it’s all said and done, this album will be no different. It’s fresh, new, raw and no cap, it’s what the streets need and have been waiting for. Yes, those are lofty goals but they are attainable. Then in the fourth quarter of 2021, we will start releasing solo efforts for Ray Rogerss, Unkle Flava, and Cali Boy Eazy. The gang is coming and we’re definitely THE NEW WEST COAST WAVE.”

Whether it’s the passion or the music (or more likely, a combination of the two), the infectious vibe of AMGM is hard to not get behind. “How the West Won Vol. 1” is more than worth your time, but equally important, follow this group and keep your eyes out for what they have coming your way over the next year. Below are the links to their profiles.

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