Independent Artist Spotlight: Nemes

Nemes is a Dominican independent hip-hop artist born and raised in New York, whose goal is to make it to the top of his craft no matter what it takes. He takes his music seriously and his approach is to put his deepest thoughts into his art form.

Nemes Independent Artist Spotlight

His new song, “In My Hood”, is approaching 50,000 streams on Spotify so we caught up with the young MC to learn more about him. Our big takeaway, he is clearly one of the most talented and driven independent artists in the game.

With over 12,000 monthly visitors on his Spotify already, Nemes is well on his way to growing a major fanbase. In our recent chat with him, we asked him what was unique about his sound that would help him ascend to the top of the game. Here is what he had to say on the matter.

“Every song is a melodic entanglement where I leave listeners singing along soon as the hook hits. A lot of my music is said to sound like if 50 Cent was about to drop all over again.”

Nemes Independent Artist Spotlight

For those of us old enough to remember when 50 Cent was ascending to the top of the rap world, we understand what a major statement that this is. To do this, you need a consistent niche or selling point to your fanbase. We also asked Nemes which song best represented his sound. What he said was a worthwhile peek into why you should be adding him to your playlists.

“The hooks on all my records is what best represents what I do because I hook you right into the chorus.”

We all know the value of a good hook and Nemes is using his skills in that area to craft a signature sound that keeps listeners craving more.

The Music

We took some time to check out his music on Spotify and to give you a review of our thoughts.

“In My Hood”

“In My Hood” is the track that Nemes is currently promoting and it’s a great song. There is a blues meets hip-hop feel to this song and the bass end really thumps.

The lyrics are confident, defiant, and an honest look into Nemes’ environment and neighborhood. He pulls no punches and holds nothing back as he brings his message straight to you.

You can check out the video below.

“Man in the Mirror”

This track is funky, fresh, and easily left on repeat. The beat sounds worldly, urban, and allows Nemes’ lyricism to shine as the star of the track. There’s a simple melody that plays so well with the tone of his voice and the whole track overall just works really well.

From a 10,000 foot view, this song talks about his well stated goals in the industry while serving as a testament to why he will eventually earn and deserve those accolades.

And for the record, the hooks come as advertised, straight fire.

You can also hear this song on YouTube.


“Skitzofrenia” is just an incredibly fun song where he proves his ability to create and share stories. This isn’t a skill that everyone has but he makes it look easy on this one.

Effortlessly, Nemes showcases different stories, voices, and flows. This song is a bit less conscious than the other two but it is a great song that highlights what a great songwriter he is.

You can also hear this song on YouTube too.

The Artist

Nemes might be one of the most talented and unique MC’s coming up right now. With that said, we think there are a few comparisons worth nothing while again noting that he has a sound uniquely his own.

As he mentioned earlier, there is an old school 50 cent sound to his music. However, while we were listening, there was another, very closely related artist that came to mind, especially during “Skitzofrenia”. Late 90’s, early 2000’s Eminem.

If that’s not enough, here are two other noteworthy comparisons. There were shades of Nas and Outkast as we worked our way through his track list. Comparing him to artists like these should speak volumes about our opinion of Nemes and his music.

We asked Nemes what originally got him into music and here is what he had to say:

“Being able to be and say whoever and whatever I wanted to on a record. Being able to express my deepest thoughts through art.”

Nemes Independent Artist Spotlight

This honesty and passion are both on full display in his music and makes it more than worth listening to.

We suggest that you carve out some time now to go check out and listen to his music. Here are is where you can find and follow Nemes and catch his future releases.





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