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Here’s Why Justin Smith is Set to have a Breakout Year in 2020

Meet Justin Smith, a promising young artist that has always had his way with lyrics, beginning from age 14 in the form of poetry to now creating music that his fans cannot stop listening to. Due to family problems and constant legal battles, his career in music had to take a step back, until recently Justin has now begun releasing music to the public for the past five years. The inspiring young artist is coming fresh off a momentum filled Year that he plans to capitalize on in 2020, here’s how.

2019 for Justin, was a fast-moving year in terms of music and his acuity as an artist. Justin dropped five singles, including his futuristic love song ‘There for You,’ which had his female fans raving about him. In the fall of 2019, Justin released his album’ Trust Issues and Broken Promises’, since then the album is sitting at around half a million streams on Spotify. Justin thanks De Novo Agencies Spotify Outreach Program for that immense response of streams.

Justin’s Growth as an Artist

Following Justin’s successful Year in 2019, he was able to see growth in more areas than just streams. Justin spent the majority of his time conceptualizing and understanding the logistics of his career as an artist. By doing so, he’s been able to figure what works for his music, and what just doesn’t fit for him.

By taking a look deeper into his understanding of those statistics, Justin has also implemented his ‘ideal fan image’ to his marketing campaigns. From collecting all that data, Justin’s target market on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram has been narrowed down, giving Justin a growing audience and connecting individuals that resonate with the music to an artist that they now support. Justin has growth, such as 7,000+ new followers on Spotify and over 15,000 on Facebook.

Justin’s Experience with De Novo Agency

Since Justin first started working with De Novo Agency, he has been able to significantly grow his Spotify following while blowing up his streams and income. Justin has even gone as far as saying, “I’ve made a nice chunk of money I’ve spent on their programs back from streaming revenue.”

Not Only has Justin’s Spotify Presence shown success, but when accounting for all the valuable data he has gathered from the growing stream of listeners, he can make his Youtube and Facebook ads more effective.

What to Expect from Justin in 2020

Justin’s Year is jam-packed with building off of the momentum from 2019; the Year began with his newest single ‘Fantasy’ that dropped Valentine’s day. De Novo’s services have helped the song get upwards of 1,000+ streams a day, with the video also gaining 45,000 views in less than ten days.

Justin has a formula when it comes to making music his audience can’t get enough of, so in Justin’s words, “Expect more of that,” 3 new singles, and a four-song EP all ready to be released this year.

To follow along on Justin’s Journey hit him with a follow on Spotify:

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