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Jiggy is a Charlotte, North Carolina based rapper who grew up in New England before moving down to a warmer part of the country. He has spent the last decade building his name and enjoying the ride that has been his career.

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In his own words, his career all sort of started by accident. He started recording when he was 15 with no real aspirations to make this a life path. However, once he started sharing his music and getting positive feedback, he found himself immersed in the journey.

Fast forward to 2020, and Jiggy continues to move forward and put out new releases. In a recent conversation with him, we asked him what he currently has in the works.

“I’m currently working on several new singles that I’ll be putting out towards the end of the year. Be on the lookout for one called “The Juice” – that one is a jam. A lot of my newer tracks that I haven’t released yet have a little bit more of a mainstream/catchy vibe to them. Expect to see more visuals, more features, and more material in general.”

While you’ll have to wait to hear the new stuff, there is no shortage of music from Jiggy that you can currently be vibing too. While his whole catalog is a versatile tour through the sounds of hip hop that has something to offer to everyone, he is currently promoting his latest single, ‘Tomahawk”.

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For our two cents, this song packs a punch both lyrically and musically while still giving listeners a smooth track to nod their heads too. When we asked Jiggy what his favorite piece of music that he had created was, he told us it was this track, and here’s why.

“It’s so tough to pick just one but if I had to choose I’d probably roll with my latest single “Tomahawk”. It was such a vibe when I made it. I recorded it in Charlotte, NC on my 28th birthday and had so much fun putting it together. I experimented a little with the vocals and stepped out of my typical pocket a bit. When I take a step back and try to listen to that one with unbiased ears I think it showcases how much I’ve grown as an artist. That’s the kind of work that keeps me going.”

Evolving as an artist is both tough and necessary and Jiggy continues to do it with style while staying true to who he is. In our chat with him, we asked him about influences and what inspires him.

On this topic, he cited life experiences and staying true to himself as big influences. This aspect is really reflected in his music and gives his fans something to relate to and gives authenticity to his sound.

Falling in love with a process is a key to being one of the greats and that is something that Jiggy lives when he created music. When we asked him about what inspires him, he told us it was the process of creation.

“I’d say the overall joy of creating something out of nothing. I love the process of putting a song together from start to finish – how it’s structured, which flows I use, the rhyme scheme, the vibe, the message – there’s so much freedom to being an artist. I metaphorically see it as starting with a blank canvas and having the ability to add as many colors or designs as I want. When I finally get to hang that sucker on the wall and showcase it there’s no better feeling. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t inspired by how my music impacts other people. I love hearing that what I create is motivating or gets someone fired up, especially because that’s the energy behind the scenes. I have a lot of confidence in my process and I hope that feeling is contagious to those who give it a listen.”

While learning about what inspires an artist is always fascinating, learning about what Jiggy is doing to inspire others is what really makes him stand apart from the crowd.

What he calls building a brand and a vibe that extends beyond just music, we call an effort to make the world a better place. As the owner of a clothing brand called Flow Clothing Company, Jiggy continues his mission to promote and support positive mental health.

We asked him about this message is apart of who he his, his mission, and his music.

“Being an optimist, I’m always trying to find the good in any situation. With the world being in such a strange place right now, I feel like a lot of people are struggling to stay positive. It’s been a tough year and I think we’re all sick of the negative energy that has come with it. My goal with Flow is to brighten your mood, your day, and your wardrobe. Even if it’s starting with a small group of people, if that can make an impact in any way, I think it’s exactly what the world needs more of.”

When asked if and how this message influences his music, here’s what he told us.

“Definitely. A lot of my songs that I’ve released so far have a confident, boasting type message behind them that isn’t intended to come off as cocky, but more of a motivating and inspiring intention. I hope the people who listen to my music get a boost to go find that self-confidence within themselves. What I haven’t released yet is the feel-good, laid-back, and more catchy style songs which you can expect to see in 2021. No matter what the vibe though, I never have any negative intentions and hope to positively impact as many people as possible.”

With a growing clothing brand, new music on the way, and a mission of spreading positive vibes, the future is bright. A man with such ambitious goals can sometimes hard to describe with words, but when it comes to Jiggy, we think these two statements put it into perspective. When asked what his biggest accomplishment is, he said never giving up on himself. When we asked what his future goals are he said he wants to continue to open doors, find new opportunities to succeed, and to grow as a person.

Whether it’s his clothing company, his music, or his personality, Jiggy is looking to spread optimism and to leave a positive mark on this world. To be an artist and/or entrepreneur, you have to be an eternal optimist to a degree. You have to believe in yourself and your mission.

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That said, recognizing challenges is the key to overcoming them and 2020 is full of road blocks. We asked Jiggy about this year and the challenges it has presented for artists.

“Couple things. For this year specifically – Coronavirus. It’s stopped us from playing shows and connecting with fans in person. At the same time, streaming is down because people haven’t been going through their typical daily routines. It’s a lot more chillin at the house with family or friends and it makes sense rap isn’t the top choice for everyone. And then in general – there’s just so many people putting out music now. It’s so easy to do that anyone can do it. With 40,000 uploads to Spotify every day, you really have to separate yourself in some way and I’m confident that’s the direction I’m heading.”

If there is anyone capable of overcoming these challenges, it’s Jiggy, and his belief in that will aid him as he moves to the next stages of his career.

The world needs more positive messages in music, it needs more driven entrepreneurs, and it needs more Jiggy. With new music on the way and a growing company that is supporting mental health, 2021 is set to be a big year for this young Mogul. Make sure to hit the links below and follow along.

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