Meet The Soulful Powerhouse Artist Mikyla Cara: This is her Story

Mikyla Cara began performing when she left college, for years Mikyla sang other artists’ songs as she built a name for herself, so she dedicated herself to writing her songs since then. The more she wrote the music, the more she realized she had a real opportunity to become a recording artist, so she made it a reality.

As an upcoming artist Mikyla faced the trials and tribulations most independent artists face when they begin to step into the music industry. Considering the amount of resources available for anybody to self promote and publish music, she knew the competition would be fierce.

A total free-for-all in the music industry, but she chose to prevail and set her mind to building up her career as an artist.

Building Grit as an Artist

To become a successful independent artist is no easy task; if you don’t know what you’re doing, the industry could be a very harsh place. So How did Mikyla get to where she is?

Mikyla started by doing hours worth of research, with multiple different angles of advice all over the place, understanding the business aspect of the music industry was Mikyla’s biggest obstacle. She would spend days looking for PR companies, learning Marketing strategies, and finding the right people to promote her music.

A difficult and challenging journey that built the powerhouse artist Mikyla is today. Mikyla recalls feeling lost 80% of the time and struggling to find the answers she was looking for.

When she finally found those answers is when she was truly able to step into her career and build the momentum to get to where she is.

“Creating Dope music is only a tiny percentage of the industry, and business makes up the rest, so you have to get your business cap to make things happen,”

The quote above is what she had to say about how she feels regarding the industry today. As an Independent artist, we can say Mikyla has made heaps in the right direction, a real go-getter.

Mikyla’s Experience Working with De Novo Agency

Since beginning her work with De Novo, Mikyla has seen tremendous growth as an artist, not only adding thousands of fans but expanding her artistic acuity. Mikyla feels that she is in the best place to grow even further as an artist after perfecting her search for the type of audience she resonates with the most thanks to De Novo.

With such a bright future, Mikyla is looking forward to continuing her work with the team at De Novo and building her audience as an independent artist. The remainder of this year, you can expect new songs, live shows, and so much more in place for her.

Listen to Her Music Here:

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