The Hip Hop Artist Everyone Should Have on Their Radar

Shaaye has always been an avid lover of music, and growing up; he knew he would one day create music. As an artist, the most significant barrier they face is worrying about failure and the opinions of others, Shaaye was no exception.

At age 18, Shaaye began taking his dreams of making music seriously; since then, he’s faced a long journey of ups and downs that have turned him into the artist he is today.

The roots of Shaaye’s music can be traced from rule-breaking artists that pioneered the sounds we hear today. Artists such as Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, and The Weeknd.

These artists shaped the music Shaaye, and many other new artists have created today, giving them the path ahead to create freely and breakthrough challenges that push for comfort.

Shaaye’s Purpose in Music

While most people pursue music in hopes of living life and getting the money, Shaaye’s ‘why’ for making music stems from total passion. By putting himself in the shoes of his audience Shaaye aims at making music his audience can vibe along to, so he gives them what they want to hear. When asked who he makes music for Shaaye responded with: 

“I make music for the world. I make music for people who feel like I’ve felt,” according to Shaaye.

It’s clear that Shaaye aims to make music for an audience he can really connect with, or just become a regular name in Hip Hop so anyone can become a fan no matter what they like.

With a growing brand and increasing demand for his music, Shaaye spends his time being able to make every project different, not only is that going to increase the diversity of his audience but it will aid Shaaye’s ability to challenge the status quo of his music.

Working with De Novo Agency

Since Shaaye has started working with De Novo Agency, he has seen a tremendous increase in his audience and music keenness. From better understanding Spotify as the go-to platform for his music to increasing his brand awareness as an artist.

For nine months, Shaaye has partnered with us at De Novo Agency and seeing his growth as an artist. We couldn’t be any happier for him. He has broken through challenges, tested his creativity, and has seen tremendous successes working with us from trusting our music acuity.

In Conclusion, Shaaye brings a different sound to the table, doesn’t hold back on making what he wants to make, and brings the authenticity back to Hip Hop in his music.

See the latest from Shaaye here:

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