The True Definition of a Powerful Female Artist: Meet Simone

Meet Simone; she started singing from a very early age; as a kid, she would make up melodies all day long and built a good habit of making sure everyone in the house heard, brothers included. From a young age, singing and making music was something she started to feel passionate about, right around middle school, Simone knew this was something she needed to dive deeper into.

Simone sat for hours playing the piano she had at home, although she was very inexperienced she picked up a keen sense in playing rhythms she liked to listen to. When she found two chords that sound good together, she then began to sing over those and slowly started working her way into making music.

In high school, Simone decided to take formal lessons for voice and piano. She would spend hours working on music in a practice room tucked away beside her high school choir room; that room is where Simone built the foundation to her musical savvy.

By listening to a lot of Queen in high school, Simone undertook a lot of inspiration in learning to harmonize as she found her artistic grounding. Simone ended up going to College and studying vocal performance where she was able to continue to discover her grounding as an artist and pick up even more inspiration from increíble artists such as ‘Kimbra and Ingrid Michaelson.’

It was under the influence of these artists, where she perfected her lyrical storytelling capabilities and shaped her basis of risk-taking in music.

Life as an Independent Artist

When Simone took forth her career in making music, she faced a lot of similar challenges from most independent artists. Understanding the Production aspect could have a tough learning curve, but eventually got the hang of it, completely changing the way she wrote music as an artist.

Considering her background in writing music with a Piano, Simone fell in love with the process of learning to write music to any instrument or even any beat. It opened doors of creative opportunity for Simone and gave her the tools to break barriers in her music style.

Simone’s Experience Working with De Novo Agency

According to Simone, the impact De Novo has played in propelling her career as an independent artist is huge. They have helped her gain more listened across the board and grow her fan base, a crucial aspect for any independent artist.

Since starting with De Novo Agency, Simone has been able to navigate the challenging music industry with ease. The professionalism the team at De Novo has set as their standard shapes the career of Simone as an artist, not only is she able to spend more time doing what she loves and making music, but she’s able to grow even faster with the team helping her every step of the way.

The Conference calls, assistance mapping out releases, and overall guidance have seriously made Simone’s future as an independent artist, one she could look forward to.

As a fan of Simone, be ready for multiple planned releases, a fall EP, and many more music videos, because Simone is here to make her mark in 2020.

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