How The Spotify Outreach Program From De Novo Agency Works

Over the past two years we have worked with hundreds of musicians who have been ecstatic to finally find a reliable music marketing company that they can actually trust.

We know that when it comes to marketing music there are many shady, or questionable at best, services and companies that make it nearly impossible for artists to trust a company like ours.

Trust us, we get it! We know that struggle because we are a company that was built by a musician FOR musicians.

This is why we developed our Spotify Outreach Program to be as transparent, reliable, and trustworthy as possible. We hope this video provided some insight on how our program works and how you can grow your music business with it.

We proudly guarantee 100% verifiable streaming data on your Spotify for Artists account or your money back.

At De Novo Agency, we help musicians learn everything they need to know about owning and growing a music business.

We help artists promote their business with tools like Spotify Playlist Placements, running targeted advertisements to look-a-like audiences on YouTube, and creating and placing written articles on blogs we have partnered with.

We rely on Data to help musicians get a better understanding as to WHO is listening to their music, from WHERE they’re listening from, and WHO ELSE their listeners are streaming so that both the musician AND Spotify/YouTube know the exact target audiences to market to.

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