Why Talent Alone Will Not Get You a Record Deal

Elliot Tousley and James Landry dive into a great conversation about why talent alone will not be enough to secure a great recording contract.

20-30 years ago the scene was different, there were A&Rs whose entire job was to locate and develop talent over time.

Now, the internet is essentially its own A&R for these labels. Because of the change in the music landscape labels are no longer looking to find and develop talent. Instead, they look to take someone, talented or not, who ALREADY has an audience, get their hands on it, and multiply that audience by ten.

Having talent alone is no longer all it takes in order to lock down a record deal. An audience is what is required.

Having data available to show a label what your target audience and fan base looks like is imperative in the modern music industry.

Not only will this data provide you a landscape to highlight and understand your audience, but it will also provide you tools to use this data as leverage while you are negotiating a record contract.

No data = No Leverage.

No Leverage = No Options.

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